Hello world!

‘ Hello world! ‘ seems like a befitting title for my first post since every person who learns to program first writes a code to print hello world to the screen and my case here is no different with English being the language and WordPress being the IDE used.

As mentioned in the description of the blog, I want this to be a research blog about anything related to networks, complexity and data. While complexity can broadly as a term be about anything in this world , here I will only talk about complexity of interaction networks. I plan to blog about research(ongoing/past) in this area which I find interesting. It will generally be about Social Networks- their structure, dynamics and analysis and anything and everything related as I am currently really really fascinated by this topic , however it wont be restricted to that. I plan to read an interesting research paper in this field and post the results, analyse the methods, make my observations – in short just blog about it and I would really love it if I can discuss about it with someone! (This blog has been primarily formed due to the absence of a regular reading group in my university on data analysis/networks/social network analysis/social computing ). I really cant wait to get started but one last thing and quite important thing needs to be said and clarified beforehand – that sometimes it may happen I might be wrong about something or I might offend you – please don’t be because whatever it was it was surely unintentional ! If you feel I am wrong, do tell me via comments/messages/mail and we will talk and discuss about it because I am here to learn and grow and so is every true researcher, according to me.

So now I am gonna go choose my first research paper to blog about. See you pretty soon 🙂


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