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Are you interested in contributing to Fedora but cannot figure out where to start ? or Do you just want to take a look around the Fedora Project ? While you can surely go about exploring the wiki pages, Fedora Badges is another fantastic and fun way to explore the different aspects of the Fedora Project – and you earn Badges and points along the way ! This post records my journey of joining Fedora and starting to collect badges to finally being ranked in the Top 10 percentile of all Fedora Users, being Top User on Fedora Badges Weekly Leaderboard and Second on Fedora Badges Monthly Leaderboard – All in a short span of a two days! Yaay Me ! While I spent about 2-3 hrs over two days, you could finish this in less than a day if you explore for a longer period.

What is Fedora Badges ? Fedora Badges is a fantastic system built to incentivize Fedora contributors and recognize activity by awarding contributors a variety of badges. Check it out here. As you can see, Fedora Badges is not just for newbies but it does provide an excellent platform to explore the different aspects of Fedora Project. After doing some rudimentary analysis on the badges community, @decause from the Fedora CommOps team ( check out their awesome work here) has compiled a list of the most common badges that are awarded for signing up for accounts and participating at a base level in the project. ( You can read more about it here ). I went about gathering some of these badges (I haven’t yet completed all those mentioned in the list) and a few others in the past two days and you could too !

BABY BADGER : Check out the Baby Badger Badge here. This badge is awarded to newcomers to Fedora Badges on first login into the Fedora Badges system. You need to login using your Fedora Account System(FAS) account. To sign up on FAS, create an account here.  Login on the Fedora Badges page here using your FAS account details and check out your first Badge! You are now a proud Baby Badger,my friend !

PARANOID PANDA : Check out the Paranoid Panda Badge here. This badge is awarded to users on updating their FAS account password. All you need to do is update your default FAS password to one of your choice to get this badge.You can update the password using the account verification link sent in mail or by logging into the FAS account.

INVOLVEMENT : Check out the Involvement Badge here.  This badge is awarded to users on signing the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement(FPCA). Know more about it here. This badge means that the user is now legally eligible to contribute to Fedora.

By now, you must be in the top 50% of the ~18k Fedora Badges users. Congrats!  We will now work on updating the FAS account to collect some more badges. To collect the next three badges, you need to edit your FAS account details. To edit your account details, Login to FAS > My Account > Click on Edit option beside Account details .To collect the badges, please ensure that the privacy flag is unchecked.

WHITE RABBITCheck out the White Rabbit Badge here. This badge is awarded to users who have updated their timezone on FAS thus allowing other FAS users to sync with them.

CRYPTO BADGER : Check out the badge here. This badge is awarded to users who have updated their RSA SSH public key to their FAS account. To generate the RSA SSH public key, use the following command

ssh-keygen -t rsa

Users need to upload the .pub file to FAS account. Please remember your passphrase which you need to commit contributions and it cannot be recovered if you forget it. This badge ensures that the host can access all the Fedora servers and resources securely.

CRYPTO PANDA : Check out the badge here. This badge is awarded to users who have updated their GPG key to their FAS account. Read this to know about creating GPG keys. This badge means data communication by the user can be checked for authenticity.

RIDDLE ME THIS : Check out the badge here. This badge is awarded to users who have updated their Security Question on FAS account. This badge ensures that Account Recovery is possible even if user forgets the password.

LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF : Check out the badge here . This badge is awarded to users on creating their profile page on Fedora Wiki. To create and edit your Fedora Wiki Profile Page , Login here using your FAS account details > Click on Username > Edit . Save to setup your Fedora Wiki User Profile. This badge shows that user has created a wiki page to engage with the Fedora community.

MUGSHOT : Check out the badge here. This is a fun badge given to users when they personalize their Open Id account with a Libravatar. Login here using Open Id account to create your personalized and fun Libravatar. On creation of FAS account, an Open Id account is automatically generated for you. Know more about it here.  When trying to log on to an OpenID enabled site, give


as URL.

By now, your FAS account and Fedora Wiki User Profile Page is setup and personalized and you must be in the top 20% of the ~18k Fedora Badges users. Congrats! Till now all of the badges we have collected except Let me Introduce Myself  are Community Badges. Community Badges are used to incentivize engagement in Fedora community. Check out Community Badges here. We will now work on exploring the different aspects of Fedora ecosystem.


Fedora Tagger allows you to suggest and vote on tags for Fedora packages.Know more about it here. The voting system is especially fun and very addictive and I felt it somewhat resembles Tinder but for Fedora utilities instead. It was especially knowledgeable and I got to know a lot about the different packages available for Fedora. I didnt know Fedora had so many linear programming libraries as well as so many fun games.(I really am a newbie 😦 ) I also suggested a tag for Hangman game and I really wish my tag remains.( My tag was ‘game’ 😛 ). Login to the Fedora Tagger and start collecting Tagger-related Badges while improving the quality of Fedora utilities tags simultaneously !

  • JUNIOR TAGGER :  Check out the badge here. Fedora Tagger newcomers who have voted on 10+ tags for packages in Fedora Tagger are awarded this badge to reward their contribution to quality improvement of tags as well as ensure continued participation on Fedora Tagger.
  • JUNIOR PACKAGE TAGGER : Check out the badge here.Fedora Tagger newcomers who have suggested  a new tag for a package in Fedora Tagger are awarded this badge to reward their contribution to quality improvement of tags as well as ensure continued participation on Fedora Tagger.

I also collected the Tagger badge which is given when you vote on 50+ tags (check it out here) – The website was just so addictive ! As you can see, Fedora Tagger badges are mostly Quality Badges meant to reward those working on improving the quality of Fedora releases.  Quality Badges are comprised of Tester and Tagger Badges. Tester Badges incentivize users who test Fedora Releases for bugs. Check out the Quality Badges here .


Ask Fedora is the Fedora Q & A site to solve your doubts. Check it out here. Know more about it here.

  • CURIOUS PENGUIN : Check out the badge here. Ask Fedora newcomers are awarded this badge on asking their first question to incentivize participation in Ask Fedora but that doesn’t mean you should go about asking irrelevant or repeated questions just for the sake of it – your questions can get downvoted and karma points will also be decreased.

Ask Fedora Badges are used to reward community engagement and hence they are are Community Badges.

Some other types of Badges apart from Community Badges and Quality Badges include Content Badges, Development Badges and Event Badges.

Content Badges : Awarded to Fedora users for creating or curating design content(Badges) as well as information content(Fedora Magazine and Editors)

Development BadgesAwarded to Fedora developers on submitting patches, completing builds or pushing updates.

Event Badges : Used to incentivize participation in Fedora events or conferences.

Explore different types of Badges here.

I was also awarded a JUNIOR BADGER Badge . Check it out here. It is a milestone badge awarded to users on collecting 10+ badges. By now, you must surely be in the Top 10% of Fedora Badges Users! Congrats, you made it ! You have set up your FAS account and Fedora Wiki Profile, you have explored the Fedora ecosystem a little including Fedora Wiki, Fedora Tagger and Ask Fedora and have collected so many badges along the way. Cheers! Hope you collect many more Badges from now on and here is a preview of some badges waiting for you ..


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Note : I am working on adding Planet Fedora and related badges to this blogpost.

Edit 1 : If you update the fields in your FAS account while signing up, you might not get the corresponding badges. That’s because you first create your user account, the system sends only the username field from the information you fill via fedmsg( Fedora Infrastructure Message Bus). Fedora Badges takes advantage of fedmsg(Fedora Infrastructure’s Message Bus) and datanommer to determine what kinds of contributions a person is making (Read more about how Fedora Badges work here)and hence Badges is not able to recognize the information in all the other fields which you fill while signing up and correspondingly award you the required badge. Dont fret though! You can still get that Badge you have been vying for! As a workaround — you can just set that field to something else – save it – and then set it back again, and (fingers crossed) you should get the badge !

Also check out this link for info about communicating and getting help around Fedora


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