2015 in Numbers : Fedora Community Blog

CommOps is the newest official sub-project in Fedora, and the team’s role is to assist other sub-projects in Fedora. This is done by building and improving interactions within the internal Fedora community, as well as by increasing communication across the Project as a whole. 2015 was an important milestone for the Fedora Community Operations (CommOps) team in so many ways.

Fedora Community Blog (CommBlog)

The first major accomplishment of CommOps as a sub-project was on November 9th with the announcement of the Community Blog ! Within a short span of three months, CommBlog has had 53 posts published with 11977 views and 38 comments till date.

CommBlog Users

CommBlog has 62 users in Fedora Community –  48 contributors , 4 editors and 1 author – with the top contributor to CommBlog being bee2502 with 4 posts ( thats me – but wait, what? where is jflory7? )

Views and Comments on CommBlog articles

CommBlog had most views in a single day on 10 Nov 2015 with 1168 views in all. Fedora 24 release dates and schedule was published on CommBlog that day which generated 519 views on the first day itself  The article is also incidentally the most viewed article on CommBlog with 1727 views in all. Wayland and  Porting python packages to python-3 articles come in close second and third respectively.

A few things I found interesting here are :

  1.  Also these Top 3 articles have > 1000 views while the others have < 300 views – which is still nice but a HUGE difference !
  2. Wayland article is not SEO optimized and still has second highest views.(Perhaps many of our viewers do not come from search engines? Or somehow already know the article links ? More on this later in the post )

I would also like to mention here that Election related posts and interviews also gathered a lot of attention on CommBlog in terms of views as well as comments.

Elections Retrospective article has the 5th highest views with other posts and candidate interviews being commented on 🙂 In terms of comments, IRC analytics article had the most number of comments (4  comments) while Porting python packages to python-3 article had the most number of pingbacks(5 pingbacks)

Another rising post on CommBlog is the Share your Year in Review article which is garnering a lot of attention 🙂

CommBlog Traffic and Social Media

It is also interesting to note that the number of viewers coming in through search engines are only a bit more than Magazine and Twitter.


Geographical Location of Viewers 



Viewer Clicks and Search Terms  

Viewers seems to be generally searching for Fedora 24 release dates or Election related updates.



 Some things to ponder on / Future work :

  1. A similar posts suggestion – even great if personalized
  2. What type of posts are getting more traction and why ?
  3. How to get contributors to engage more ?





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