How to Outreachy?

I was an Outreachy intern in the past and I know how nerve wracking the application process can be. Hence, I have decided to aggregate blog posts from past Outreachy interns describing do’s and dont’s as well as tips for application process.  These can be helpful if you are applying from Google Summer of Code too. Hope this helps!

Posts from past Outreachy interns with Fedora:

Alisha Aneja

Bhakti Bhikne

Suzanne Hillman

Some other interns : miguel

Posts from past Outreachy interns with other organizations:

Neha Jha, Wikimedia

Mansimar Kaur, Kinto

Bee, Mozilla

Zareen, Wikimedia

Anjana Vakil, Mozilla

Princi, Mozilla

More Outreachy related posts on Medium by past interns

View at

P.S. Some of these the things mentioned might have changed due to updates in rules and application process for the current Outreachy round. Even then, I think these should be useful.

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