The May from my 23rd ride around our sun

This past month (of May) has been a whirlwind for me – I have been hopping continents a lot, meeting new people, having new experiences, exploring, learning, growing but mainly (re) evaluating what it means to be me.

I did check off quite a few items off my bucket list like

  • Doing a road trip in US (We didn’t get to go through a drive through – till next time IHOP!) and part of it while it was raining!
  • Have a lot of cakes – cake for breakfast, cake for when you are hungry, cake for getting high (on life, duh!), cakes I don’t like.
  • I went through an all American car wash
  • Had unworldly amounts of salt and sugar dumped into everything I had – it was either too sweet or too salty but completely normal if you are an American – and I survived.
  • Found my new drunk food for NYC – Pastrami and pickles from Katz Deli, it is!
  • Made someone break their <rule?>
  • Got a parking ticket in a zone where you could park (it’s NYC baby!)
  • Got pictures with fearless girl on Wall Street
  • Made punctual people late ( – I give up! -)
  • I was IN UNICEF!! Ahhh, UNICEF!! Ah, met people at UNICEF!!
  • experienced the New York subway (Chicago, I love you more!)
  • Talked with Mel, danced with Toshio and did I mention I was at UNICEF – talking to people at UNICEF – about UNICEF?
  • Saw an Amish family in person and no they didn’t ride a horse cart – also saw Niagra falls!
  • Went to Albania and Open Labs, had Raki and lazy breakfasts – loved it completely!
  • Made a shopping record – 1 skirt for 100 leks – less than a euro! It’s not even that cheap in India.
  • Fell sick – I have to fall sick atleast once on every trip

and added a few more stories to my ‘I-will-tell-this-at-parties’ list

  • I dropped my mobile phone in the toilet as soon as I landed in US! or if this were a party, I would say I did the ‘no phones for a week in a completely new land’ challenge and I came out exactly the same.
  • I got drunk on Coffee toffees (yes, it happened!)
  • Found the best possible comic store with every possible comic – and it didn’t have ‘Heart and Brain’ in stock – whatttt?!!
  • Felt the divide between NYC and NJ – I felt like a slave crossing over
  • Had COSTCO experience (COSTCO is for giants?) and then had Walmart experience (I want to buy everything!)
  • Went to supermarket  5 times in less than 48 hours
  • Was scared by a seagull at an american lake ( Americans are crazy with their dimensions – it’s definitely a sea and not a lake!)
  • Talked for 3 hours straight
  • Realized decause was going to be presenting at conference. I was finally going to meet him. Missed meeting decause him because he couldn’t attend. How does this happen to me – everytime?
  • Had donuts and beer – brewnuts!
  • Had a fear of dogs, Lived with 5  huge dogs out of which a few who constantly barked at me like I was a robber – and survived!
  • Then went on to live with 2 cats who didnt bark (or mew), had automated kitty food and`kitty litter and lived a more comfortable life than me (What have I come to – I am jealous of cats!)
  • Got back from US and on to flight to Albania within 2 days – and worked for those 2 days at Siemens – whaaat? How am I so productive?
  • Realized Albania is like India and traffic is crazier, had major missing home feelings
  • Had tzaziki lays, coconut cookies like home
  • Wore a winter coat in 30 degrees heat – and I felt cold!

and I still have the trip to Malta left!

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