Hi, I am Bhagyashree. Or you can call me Bee. Like the insect, movie, alphabet ….. or whatever floats your boat !

I love to crunch numbers and analyse data especially if it’s to improve the user experience/gain insights about user behavior. My interests lie at the conjunction of Machine Learning , Natural Language Processing and Social Media Analysis. I am also interested in Information Retrieval and Recommender Systems. You can check out my work on my homepage here or you can read my blog here. I recently started contributing to Fedora CommOps on metrics-related tasks. Check out the awesome work going on at CommOps here.

Apart from that , in my short lifespan on this beautiful planet, I want to (not specific to the given order)

  • always be human ( in every sense and not just the purely biological one )
  • maybe someday own a small bakery on a side street in a quaint little town, preferably where it snows.
  • travel to new places and get to know new people, traditions and cultures and hog their food.
  • keep learning forever and ever.

When I am not finding stories in data, I am daydreaming about food or European cities.

For any questions/feedback/suggestions/just want to talk, ping me !
E-mail: (You can guess, or you check out my homepage to get it.)
IRC Nick: bee2502                                                                                                                                   Twitter : @BeePadalkar

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Note : This blog is for tech related stuff (mostly involving data analytics and open source community). For my personal musings on life and in general, check out my blog on Medium @BeePadalkar

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